43193321_sWe will provide security risk management and operational support services as required to ensure the successful development, management, and operation of world wide project. We will conduct a detailed site survey to identify specific functions and staffing requirements to ensure comprehensive, state-of-the-art risk management operations. Our managed support services will extend from planning through construction to operations and maintenance of all functions and facilities. In- country staff will include expert Program Management Office (PMO) resources and best practices. We will accomplish the following major tasks:


  • Security Risk Management
  • Management Support Services
  • Logistics and Supply Management
  • Training
  • Support Services
  • Flight Operations and Ground Support
  • Water Transport Operations and Support



We will identify and manage risks to provide innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions to fulfill our personal duty-of-care obligations and ensure a secure working environment for all staff involved in the coal mining project. Security risk management will include, at minimum, the following services:


1.1      Technical Systems Design and Integration

We will design, implement, operate, and maintain technical security systems such as access control and CCTV. These vary from single site systems through to integrated safe city solutions. We will integrate our people, technical systems, and procedures to ensure a sustained level of security which mitigates skill-fade through continuous training. We will conduct system audits to ensure security staffing, procedures, and technical systems are working effectively and efficiently. We will integrate state-of- the-art technologies to deliver:

  1. C4i Systems Integration
  2. Safe City
  3. Border System
  4. Pipeline Protection
  5. Aviation Security
  6. Port Security
  7. Journey Management


1.2      Static and Mobile Protective Services

We will provide uniformed and high-threat protection services for personnel, installations, and critical infrastructure. We will conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify threats, develop security plans, and agree on the appropriate security resources with the owner to mitigate risks. Fully managed security programs can include mobile and fixed-site security, community engagement plans, intelligence and analysis support, security assessments, and technology recommendations.


1.3      Secure Accommodations

We will provide temporary and permanent accommodation that is designed, built, secured, operated and maintained by our experienced staff. We will also provide fully-integrated life support services to complement our security solutions, including logistics, communications, and transportation.


Pursuant to a detailed site survey and owner consultations, the following management support services will include the following functions:


2.1      Program Management

Our program management services will ensure that project objectives are met in a seamless and
efficient fashion. These services will include business management, training, transportation services, supply chain management, intelligence, and analysis as well as integrated life support. Our program managers are experienced in overseeing large projects while managing day-to-day management details and logistics. Out staff are experts in mobilizing and managing large numbers of personnel on-site in high growth, emerging and challenging environments from recruiting and vetting to training and deployment. Fulfillment of this task will include:

  1. Instituting Business Management Support Services
  2. Contract, Subcontract, Procurement and Acquisition
  3. Finance
  4. Legal
  5. Cost Account Management
  6. Project Auditing and Oversight
  7. Conducting an Initial Site Survey and Project Analysis
  8. On-Going Project Management Reviews


 2.2      Country Entry Logistics

We will work closely with appropriate government officials to ensure the efficiency of clearance
processes and identify the most efficient routes within areas of limited transport infrastructure. Local logistics service providers, such as transport operators and warehouse operators are vetted for competence and quality. These services will mobilize and track assets, shipments, and people on time and on budget.


2.3       Medical Services

We will provide medical services ranging from medivac capability through to full doctor lead clinical practice. Robust, detailed, and tested medical plans form a crucial part of project operations. This experience in designing and implementing medical response and rescue plans, in challenging, remote and austere environments, underpins our success in providing remote medical care and evacuation services. These services include equipment, training, and infrastructure, thus ensuring that medical services are a central part of our operations.


2.4       Life Support Services

We will help build and operate multiple life support facilities, to include temporary camps, rapid
erection support facilities, and semi-permanent compounds. Secured with appropriate technology,
physical barriers and guards, our life support will provide comfortable and safe environments for our personal to live in. Catering services will be designed to ensure high-quality, well balanced menus to appeal to all local and international tastes. Cleaning and laundry services use vetted local staff, creating employment and increasing local acceptance. Recreational facilities will be designed to ensure that staff downtime is enjoyable and high staff morale is maintained. These facilities might include gyms, television rooms, and games rooms as well as quiet spaces for personal relaxation.


2.5       Communications and Information Technologies

We will design and operate communications and IT functions to ensure the capability to communicate effectively with all relevant parties. All security and support solutions include a full communications plan incorporating and layering VHF and HF Radios, GSM phones and satellite phones, data and tracking devices to ensure effective, clear communications at all times. We will use a complete range of technologies, including fixed VSAT communications, portable VSAT communications, 2- Way Radio, custom WIFI solutions, intercom systems, and cellular connectivity solutions, among others.


2.6      Camp Construction, Operations, and Maintenance

We will help design, build, and secure full-service camps for our personal that are catered with chefs providing high-quality international choices as well as local menus. Recreation facilities, including coffee shop, gym, Wi-Fi and satellite television, and the ability to communicate with families and friends abroad. Medical clinics and related services will also be provided. We will use locally sourced labor and materials wherever possible.


2.7      Vehicle Fleet Servicing and Maintenance

We will provide transportation and maintenance for all ground, water, and air operations, to include vehicle servicing, repair, ad hoc adjustments, diagnostics, and refurbishment. Our highly skilled staff will include diagnostic technicians, logistic supply experts, and a dedicated management team.



3.1      Procurement, Shipping, and Transportation

Our logistics functions will deliver the right resources as needed. Using local or international suppliers as appropriate, we will arrange shipping and transportation in full compliance with relevant local regulations and international trade requirements.

3.2      Inventory Management and Warehousing

We will plan and deliver efficient inventory management and warehousing technologies and resources.


 4.0      TRAINING

We will provide hands-on, performance-oriented, individual and collective training for all personal, as required, to accomplish all risk management functions throughout the coal mining project. We will provide a comprehensive training program to our personal. Our training is administered at the location that is most effective and beneficial to our people, whether that will be at our overseas site or at our U.S. facility. Our robust training program will include:

  1. Customized Services
  2. Pre-Development Training
  3. High-Risk LIVE Fire
  4. Firearms Training
  5. Counter-Terrorism Training
  6. Force-Protection Training
  7. High-Threat Executive Awareness Training (HEAT)
  8. Basic and Advanced Driver Training
  9. Off-Road Driver Training
  10. Basic and Advanced Executive Protection
  11. High-Threat Protection
  12. Special Weapons and Tactics Training for Law Enforcement
  13. Special Operations Training for Military and Support Units
  14. Medical Training



We will provide the following managed support services that enable our personal to operate successfully in our overseas location.

  1. Supply Chain Logistics
  2. Construction
  3. Life Support
  4. Unmanned Aerial Systems
  5. Complex Program Management

5.1      Supply Chain Logistics

From analyzing supply chain risks to the transportation of goods and services in high-risk locations, we will optimize our processes to provide the best possible value to our people.

Services include:

  1. Sourcing I procurement
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Required regulations
  4. Transportation
  5. Warehousing
  6. Inventory management
  7. Equipment maintenance
  8. Risk analysis

5.2      Construction

We will help provide construction solutions to include the design, supply, and build of housing,
facilities, and other structures, as well as the onsite management and sustainment services needed to operate successfully.


5.3      Life Support

From comfortable accommodations to life-saving emergency assistance, we will provide a comprehensive selection of Life Support services for our personal in any environment. Services to be accomplished include:

  1. Communication
  2. Food
  3. Power generation
  4. Water treatment
  5. Emergency assistance
  6. Storage
  7. Waste management
  8. Recreation
  9. Transportation
  10. Staffing
  11. Laundry
  12. Security
  13. Procurement / Delivery
  14. Warehousing
  15. Vehicle Services and Maintenance


5.4      Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) provide video, imagery, data and survey information to support
many critical tasks. Designing tailored solutions for our personal involves identifying the appropriate flying platform, sensors, control system, operators, training, and logistics that meet our individual needs.


5.5      Complex Program Management

We understand that successful program management requires dynamic and harmonious planning,
management, and execution of each step in the program or project. Our aim is to provide our personal with peace of mind knowing that all facets of our program are being safely implemented in an efficient manner.



We will provide the following flight operations and ground support functions:


            6.1      Flight operations will include the following:
a. Air Traffic Control (ATC) Operations.

  1. Runway /Tarmac Operations
  2. Pilot Certification
  3. Flight Surgeon

6.2      Ground Support will include the following:

  1. Hanger and Aircraft Parking
  2. Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
  3. Runway/Tarmac maintenance and repair
  4. Aviation fuel and fluids storage
  5. Aircraft and Aviation Parts Warehousing



We will provide the following support to water transportation operations:


            7.1      Water transportation operations will include:
a. Vessel dispatch control.

  1. Crew member Certification


7.2      Water transportation Support will include:

  1. Vessel Storage
  2. Vessel Maintenance and Repair
  3. Maritime fuel and fluids storage
  4. Vessel Parts Warehousing