Our firm offers experience and professional capabilities to assist our clients in meeting their specialized needs. We accomplish this by being committed to our clients. Our qualifications and experience are summarized as a consultant presented as follows:

Background and Firm Philosophy

Stan Norman, operating as a sole proprietor since 1978, is a regional firm maintaining offices in Beckley, West Virginia. Presently operating as R.E.S.G. The focus of our Firm is to provide high quality, client oriented services rendered by personally involved professionals. We recognize that our clients are of paramount importance. We are vitally interested in the welfare and development of each client. We believe that maintaining the highest standards of technical competence and integrity, and committing our personal interest and attention serves well to fulfill our client’s objectives and our obligation to them.


We are aware of and particularly sensitive to the critical needs of not-for-profit organizations regarding timely delivery of services, and responses to reimbursement issues. We will, in conjunction with management, prepare and update as necessary any mutually agreed upon information to be provided by staff and expected dates of completion for each phase. We will meet established deadlines without fail, in the absence of delays in the receipt of agreed upon information.

Cost Efficiency

Our firm is positioned so that we combine the personal involvement, continuity of personnel, and reasonable fee structure of small firm with the technical expertise, quality control, and broad range of services expected from larger firms. We build expertise by specializing in particular industries and are committed to serving only clients we are qualified to serve. Our Firm prides itself in offering our clients top quality “hands-on” service.


Our clients get more from us than other firms provide. They get profit-minded professionals with the ability to provide aggressive, innovative, operational and financial planning; we will assist management in examining the financial profile and offer alternatives for consideration in order to capitalize on opportunities for improvement. It is our objective to provide value added audit services to the organization.




The unique nature of our Firm has enabled our Firm to attract the highest quality professionals to our staff.

People are our greatest resource and we consider that valuable to you. Our staff includes outstanding professionals at all levels. We are experienced and trained to anticipate and meet our client’s needs.

Management Consulting

The professional staff of our company has significant experience with operational and regulatory matters extending over several years. We routinely review regulations as they are proposed, altered and implemented and advise our clients proactively rather than reactively. The Firm is available to assist with a variety of disclosure requirements.


The Firm regularly provides assistance to clients in completion, review and implementation of projects and studies for internal and external purposes. Such services include:

  • Budgeting, including use of budgeting models to assist with departmental analysis and fee setting.
  • Financial feasibility, for new or expanded locations or services.
  • Regulatory applications, for new services and expansions.
  • Operational analyses, including matters of internal control, work flow, cost analyses and data processing.
  • Organizational structure evaluation, including analysis of related financial reporting and tax considerations.
  • Analysis of trends, to depict client information in relation to national. Regional and peer group indicators.
  • Development of compensation programs, to include and analysis of employee benefit programs

Information Management

Many times the key to knowing if operations are running efficiently, lies in the documentation and accounting systems that are in place or have not been designed properly to meet the business’s true needs.

The Firm uses various computer systems and software on a routine basis. Our experience is established through the academic backgrounds our staff, continuing education and seminars on related fields.

With the rapid changes in technology, it is important that our firm stay abreast of these changes so our client’s systems do not become outdated or unable to generate the relevant to their business’s needs. We stay current with these changes through professional publications and services, research of newly published studies, and maintaining contacts with local systems for meeting client needs.

As part of our software and systems consulting services, you will be advised of these changes and will have information readily available to you. We perform evaluations on all systems and software to determine the present capabilities your system has, or if they are being utilized to the fullest extent. If you do not presently have a system in place, we make recommendations as to:

  • System planning
  • Internal controls for system operations
  • Integrated software packages for accounting functions to include;
    • Inventory
    • Payroll
    • Fixed Assets
    • Account receivables and payables
    • General ledger and financial statements

Tax Planning and Compliance

Our professionals understand the complex tax issues faced by businesses and function as advisors in the development of long-range tax planning. We will continually evaluate and recommend revision of your tax strategy to offer creative alternatives to foster growth and diversification. A significant part of our value to business clients is derived from understanding the ramifications of tax strategies.

Timetable and Engagement Plan

We will meet our client’s deadlines and deliver our reports as scheduled. We will bring adequate staffing that will enable us to adhere to the schedule that we will establish with management prior to year-end.

Management Letters and Communication

Meaningful management letters, with specific ideas for enhancing operations and improving controls and financial results, will be provided each year. Subjects of management letters necessarily vary with each engagement, but may include, in addition to, the communication of reportable conditions, subjects such as organizational strategic planning, recommendations relating to financial management, disaster recovery planning, and planning for unanticipated loss of key personnel.