Oil and gas industryLike our clients who own mineral, royalty and working interests, so we share the client’s perspective and desire for active management and reliable information.

Oil and gas assets are complex in nature. And, many clients are choosing RESG as a solution for management. As an independent trust bank, RESG is free from conflicts of interest, and abides by the fiduciary standard – putting the needs of the client first.

RESG offers comprehensive oil and gas management which allows clients to maintain their desired level of personal involvement.

Comprehensive Accounting:

  • Revenue processing and distribution
  • Joint interest billing review and payment
  • Customized reporting

Full Service Administration:

  • Division order verification
  • Research for suspended funds
  • Electronic document maintenance

Proactive Management:

  • Lease offer evaluation and negotiations
  • Property valuation
  • Coordination with industry partners for legal counsel, engineering, geology and appraisals. Growth rooted in trust. Independent, unbiased guidance on your financial legacy.