RESG understands the regulations and issues affecting the coal and energy mining sectors. Today, coal mining is under intense scrutiny for its effect on health, safety, and the environment. Around the world, industry stakeholders are using advances in legislation and standards, mine engineering practices, training standards, operating practices, and extraction technologies to address the challenges of the industry.

Our professionals have worked with a variety of mining operations worldwide, including underground and surface coal mining, and surface and underground energy mines operations, including coal washing and energy mineral milling and leaching operations. The RESG staff has more than 25 years of both feasibility-level and in-pit experience developing new coal operations and expanding existing coal and energy metals mining operations

Specialized Coal Mining Services

RESG has provided environmental and engineering services to energy and mining clients for almost 25 years. RESG professionals have particular expertise in technical disciplines including mining and civil engineering, hydrology, hydrogeology, geotechnical rock mechanics, air quality, soil science, botany, wildlife biology, fisheries, and land use planning. We provide a variety of services applicable specifically to coal mining operations, including:


  • Abandoned Mine Lands Management and Reclamation
  • Air Modeling, Permitting, and Compliance
  • Baseline Environmental Investigations and Interim Monitoring
  • Bond Release Advocacy and Strategies
  • Carbon Credits System Initialization
  • Coal Liquefaction and Gasification
  • Coal Mine Methane Degasification
  • Contract Mining
  • Environmental impact assessments and statements
  • Due Diligence
  • Geologic Reserve Estimates
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Water Treatment
  • Methane Degasification and Utilization
  • Mine Planning and Design
  • Operations Consulting
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Reclamation Planning and Design
  • Refuse Disposal
  • Regulatory compliance consulting
  • Shale Gas Exploration
  • Subsidence Engineering

Service Highlights

Coal Processing

  • Coal processing engineers with seniority and experience in the world’s best coal mines
  • Understanding of the requirements for safe, productive, and profitable coal processing
  • Capability and experience to fully evaluate coal to gas and liquids, and coal water slurry technologies, for high-grade thermal coal deposits


Water Management

  • Long history and wide knowledge base of all aspects of water management in coal mining
  • Strong relationships with regulators and industry players
  • Skill base with numerous water management specialists, such as hydrologists, hydrogeologists, and wastewater treatment experts
  • Groundwater engineering services ranging from baseline characterization to final design of mining groundwater management facilities
  • Staff experienced in providing testimony at public hearings and court proceedings